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Annie Mc update: These things happen, they're no different to children getting bumps and scrapes

18 Jan 2023
Annie Mc
Annie Mc has been in great order since her Doncaster run and we’ve been training her for the Lady Protectress Chase at Huntingdon next Friday. However, on Saturday morning her stable lad noticed that she was quite swollen in one of her hind legs, so we got the vet to take a look at her. 

He thinks she’s just banged herself on the walker or something like that, and it’s got a bit infected, but it isn’t anything serious. The swelling has gone down a little bit since then and he’s going to take another look on Wednesday. He’ll then be best placed to advise us whether we can resume training with Huntingdon still the target, or whether she will need a bit more time, in which case we will come up with a new plan. 

It’s not ideal but the good news is she’s very fit, and hasn’t missed much exercise, so if the swelling’s gone down by Wednesday, and the vet is happy, she will still be fine for next week. These things happen with racehorses. They're no different to children getting bumps and scrapes all the time.

Jonjo O'Neill, Coral Racing Club Trainer
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