The Making of a Racehorse (Ep 1): Part Three | The Respiratory System

10 May 2024
In the third and final part of episode one of The Making of a Racehorse, Veterinarian Clive Hamblin provides a deeper insight into how horses are able to consume such an extreme amount of oxygen when in motion and how their anatomy helps support that need.

Racehorse vs Human: The average racehorse can consume up to and beyond 2,100 litres of oxygen every minute whilst exercising, whereas the average healthy human is likely to inhale somewhere between 2.5 and 5 litres.


If you missed part one or part two of The Making of a Racehorse, click below to watch.

The Making of a Racehorse (Ep 1): Part One | The Respiratory System

The Making of a Racehorse (Ep 1): Part Two | The Respiratory System

Join us on Monday as we kick off Episode Two of The Making of a Racehorse with the first of three new parts to watch.
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