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WATCH: Latest video of Hey Day Baby on the gallops at Jackdaws

18 Jan 2023
Hey Day Baby
Hey Day Baby had a bit of a dirty nose last week so she’s been on antibiotics for the last few days. It’s basically just a bug and is really common at this time of year and nothing serious. The horses typically tend to catch these bugs in October when the season’s change, and then again in January when it gets cold. 

She’s still been able to do exercise, but we’ve limited it to just the one canter each morning, while the anti-biotics do their work. The vet will come and scope her on Wednesday to make sure she’s clear, but I’m sure she is already as she looks fine in herself now. We will then step up her work and start preparing her for a mares’ Bumper around mid-February time. 

She’s a really straightforward, likeable mare who still needs to grow into her frame. She’s still a bit weak so we don’t want to ask too much of her too quickly. We’ll learn more about her as we increase her workload and close in on her first racecourse appearance. She's going to be a lot of fun for you all!

Jonjo O'Neill, Coral Racing Club Trainer
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